If you live in a home for a long enough time, you’re eventually going to have to make air conditioning repairs near Menlo Park, CA. The parts in your AC system aren’t designed to last forever. You can avoid some of these repairs by making sure that your air conditioner is serviced on a regular basis. But even then, you might find that problems pop up every now and then. Here are 5 problems that will force you to make AC repairs.

Low refrigerant levels

Every AC system contains refrigerant that’s in charge of removing the heat and humidity that’s located in your home to cool your home off. Every so often, your refrigerant lines will spring a leak and lower your refrigerant levels. This will make it difficult for your AC to cool your home and force you to do Menlo Park, CA AC repairs. You’ll need to have an HVAC professional repair the leaks in your refrigerant lines to stabilize your refrigerant levels.

Frozen evaporator coils

The evaporator coils in your AC system are responsible for taking all of the warm, humid air in your home and absorbing the heat from it. But they also need warm air circulating in their general area to prevent them from freezing. If they freeze up, you’ll usually find warm air coming through the registers in your home despite your AC being turned on.

Dirty condenser coils

The condenser coils in your AC system are located on the outside of your home. Their job is to get rid of all the heat that is sent out from inside your home so that it can’t cause issues for your house anymore. These coils can get to be very dirty, though, especially if you don’t make it a point to clean your outdoor AC unit. This can cause your AC to have to work harder than it should have to, which can then lead to a need for AC repair asap.

Fan issues

Your AC system has two fans inside of it. There is one that takes air inside your home and blows it over top of your evaporator coils to cool the air off. There is also another one outside your home that takes air from inside your house and blows it over your condenser coils to get rid of it. These fans are susceptible to all kinds of problems. Everything from a lack of lubrication to a faulty motor can cause your fans to shut down and force you to do AC repairs asap.

Leaky air ducts

Your AC system might be firing on all cylinders, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to be able to keep your home as cool as it should be. If you have leaky air ducts throughout your home, they will stop your AC from cooling your home off like you want it to. A reliable HVAC company should be able to clear up this problem so that your AC system can get back to work.

Do you suspect you might be experiencing one of these AC problems right now? Carol Flynn Heating & Cooling can send an HVAC professional out to your home to perform AC repairs. We can also carry out Menlo Park, CA air conditioning service maintenance for you at least once a year to keep your AC in tip-top shape. Reach out to us at (650) 697-1535 or stop by 200 Valley Dr Ste 50, Brisbane, CA 94005 to schedule AC services with us.

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