Do you have a pet living in your home? If you do, you likely love them to death. But what you might not love is that your pet can put you in a position where you’ll have to take on more air conditioning repairs in Hillsborough, CA than normal if you aren’t careful. There are, however, some things you can do to maintain your home’s AC system so that you don’t have to tackle AC repairs all the time. Here are a few AC maintenance tips for pet owners that should help keep your home’s AC system safe.

Buy The Right Filter For Your Ac System.

People who don’t have pets living in their homes can use almost any filter that they want in their AC systems. But if you have a pet, you’ll need to purchase a special filter that’s designed to stop pet dander from working its way through your AC system. If this happens, you’re almost always going to need to have Hillsborough, CA AC repairs done eventually. It’s why you should strive to buy the right filter for your AC system as soon as you welcome a new pet into your home.

Replace Your Ac System’s Filter More Often Than Usual.

Under normal circumstances, you should be able to get away with replacing the filter in your home’s AC system once every 3 months. But when you have a pet living in your home, you will usually have to replace it more often than that. You might only be able to get away with using the same filter for a month or two at most before it’ll have to be replaced. This will be especially true for those who have multiple pets living in a home at once.

Vacuum Your Home Often To Prevent Pet Dander From Getting To Your Ac System.

There is a way you can stop pet dander from getting anywhere close to your home’s AC system. You can make it your mission to vacuum your home regularly to prevent pet dander from getting up into the air and reaching your AC system. By doing this, you should be able to stop pet dander in its tracks and get more life out of the filters that you put into your AC system.air conditioning repairs in Hillsborough, CA

Keep Your Pet Away From The Ac Unit Outside Your Home.

A portion of your home’s AC system is going to be situated outside your home. You should put it in a place where your pet isn’t going to be able to get to it. If your pet gets curious, they might start messing around with some of the wires and pipes that run from your outdoor AC unit into your home, and it can cause problems with your entire AC system. You should either gate this area off or relocate your outdoor AC unit to a part of your property that your pet won’t ever be able to access.

If you ever need a Hillsborough, CA AC repair company to help you clean up a mess that your pet made with your AC system, we would be happy to help. Give us a call and we’ll send a qualified technician out to your home right away to get to the bottom of your AC issues.

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