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air conditioning service in San Carlos, CA

4 Ways Regular Air Conditioning Service Will Benefit Your Home

Performing regular air conditioning service in San Carlos, CA will work wonders for your home’s AC system. It’ll ensure that every aspect of your AC system lasts longer than it would otherwise. But AC service will also do more than just extend the life of your AC system and all the individual parts in it. […]

San Carlos, CA furnace installation

The Biggest Dangers of Attempting to Do DIY Furnace Repairs

Does your furnace filter need to be replaced? You’re more than welcome to take on a simple job like that on your own rather than calling on an HVAC company for help. You can also do things like lighting a pilot light without assistance from a professional. But outside of small jobs like that, you […]

air conditioning service in Menlo Park, CA

When Is the Best Time to Have Air Conditioning Service Performed?

When is the last time you had air conditioning service in Menlo Park, CA performed? If you’re having a tough time answering that question right now, it’s probably because it’s been far too long since your last AC service call. You should change that immediately by reaching out to an HVAC company in your area […]

Menlo Park, CA furnaces

Breaking Down the Most Common Heating Systems Found in Homes

If you walk into just about any Menlo Park, CA home, you’ll find that it has a heating system inside of it. Even though Menlo Park doesn’t get as cold as other parts of the country in the wintertime, it gets cold enough to warrant homeowners turning their heating systems on. But what you might […]

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