How Do You Know If You Need a New Furnace?

If you live in the Foster City area and are wondering whether or not you need a new furnace, there are a few things that you can do to check on your unit to see if its only in need of repair, or if you need to opt for a furnace installation. With the cooler weather setting in for most of the country, most turn their attention toward their heating systems. To avoid emergency heating repairs when the temperatures are already at uncomfortable levels it is important to make sure that your furnace and heating system is in good working order before you get too far into the season. Carol Flynn Heating and Cooling has some suggestions for determining whether or not you need a little help…or a lot of help.

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With the temperatures dipping down into the 50’s in Foster City, but with the days still rising nicely into the 70’s there’s still time to check out your furnace before things really get chilly. Did you know that controlling the climate in most homes accounts for the greatest portion of the energy used in homes? And, if that system is installed incorrectly it can compound the problem, costing you more in the long run. When HVAC systems get older, furnace repair costs can increase. As a rule of thumb, if you have a unit that is more than 10 years old you should get it replaced. The technology has come so far over the last decade that a newer unit could save you hundreds of dollars over the span of a year’s time. Carol Flynn Heating and Cooling has been around for more than 57 years, and we’ve seen trends come and go. We are more than willing to take a look at your situation and to give you our honest opinion as to what your next best move will be.

Another thing to do, if your unit seems to be in good working order, is to make sure that you have proper and regular maintenance done on the furnace system. Proper maintenance can ensure that the system is running at peak performance as well as catching problems before they get a chance to start. This also translate to lowered cost to run as you will have fewer heating repairs. Carol Flynn Heating and Cooling repair personnel are Diamond Certified, which is a third party rating company. They have said: “…one of the best heating and cooling contractors in the Bay Area to do business with.” A simple check up may include calibrating thermostats, replacing filters, inspecting blowers, fans, thermocouples, wiring and pilots.

Warning Signs that Your Furnace is Bad

Typically, there are several warning signs that will tell you that your furnace may need to be replaced. First of all, ascertain how old your furnace is. The average life expectancy for most furnaces is between 15-20 years. If it is that old or older, you should start shopping now. Carol Flynn Heating and Cooling carry a wide range of models to fit any budget and housing situation.

Next, look at your six months energy statistics (in other words…your bill). Has it been going up? As furnaces age their efficiency goes down, especially if they haven’t been regularly maintained. Most likely if your bills have climbed it’s because your system is having to run longer to maintain and reach the level of comfort you are setting at the thermostat.

If you also find yourself having to call the repairman repeatedly within the last couple of years, it is more economical to just get a new unit. It doesn’t take too many visits by the repairman to end up spending 500$ or more just to have it go out with another part failure later on. When it gets to this point it is best to get a new furnace installed as older furnaces start to have parts failures all about the same time, and since they are older it is often more difficult to find the replacement parts.

If you have a pilot light, look at the color. If it is yellow instead of blue it could be a sign that carbon monoxide is being created by your furnace, possibly placing your family at risk. Streaks of soot around the furnace, the absence of an updraft in the chimney, extra moisture on the windows and walls, can all point toward possible contamination. Additionally, is the furnace making odd noises? Old furnaces make strange noises as they get toward the end of their life, so if you hear odd noises, or you hear the furnace blower running excessively, this is also a good indicator that your furnace needs to go to the old furnace retirement home.

Lastly, are you noticing a buildup of dust around the house? Aside from the assumption that you don’t like to do housework, a furnace that is not working properly no longer has the capacity to pull the air and clean it as it once did. Those who suffer from allergies will really be able to tell a difference and if you see a recurring prevalence of allergy attacks by family members in a house as the furnace comes on and continues to work, it is a sure sign that the furnace may be on its last legs. Dropping plants, furniture cracking, or musical instruments (guitars and pianos) that don’t stay tuned, are all indications that the furnace is not working well, nor is it capable of providing the level of comfort that your family and you deserve.

Furnace repairs and furnace installations, in the Foster City area, can be made easier knowing that you have a ‘go to’ company in the area. Known for their great customer service (many generations of customers) Carol Flynn Heating and Cooling has a history of treating their clients well, and for maintaining all of the servicing needs of the area. Foster City is great place to live and continuing to contribute to our way of life is one of the city’s finest local furnace repair and installation companies.

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Why is Foster City, CA, Need a Working Furnace?

Winters in Foster City are damp and chilly. Having a working furnace is essential to keeping the house at a comfortable temperature and creating a warm and welcoming living space in the winter.

In Foster City, CA, How Often Should I Service My Furnace?

Furnace maintenance should be done at least once a year, ideally in the off-season. Frequent maintenance can avert possible problems and assist in guaranteeing peak performance and efficiency.

What Are Typical Indications That My Foster City, California Furnace Needs Repair?         

Uneven heating, odd noises, inadequate heating, or an abrupt spike in utility costs are some warning signs. It is advised that you arrange for professional inspection and repairs right away if you observe any of these problems.

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