Is your home’s air conditioning system running almost all the time but not bringing the temperature in your house down? If so, this could indicate any number of problems with it. You’re most likely going to have to bring in the pros to provide you with air conditioning repairs in Foster City, CA. There are a handful of things that they’ll check on while attempting to get your AC system to start cooling off your home again. Check out some of the ways in which they’ll try to repair an AC system when it’s not cooling your home off like it’s supposed to.

Changing the filter in it

The first thing that a Foster City, CA HVAC professional is going to do when you call on them to take a look at your AC system is inspect the filter in it. If this filter is very dirty, that alone could be the problem with your AC system. In order for your AC system to cool your home off, the filter in it needs to be clean. Otherwise, air won’t be able to pass freely through it, and this could potentially lead to problems with your AC system. By changing the filter in your AC system, you might be able to bring it back to life and allow you to start cooling off your home.

Cleaning out the interior of it

If the filter in your AC system is fine, the next thing that an HVAC professional will do is evaluate the interior of your AC system to see if it might need to be cleaned. They’ll look at everything from your condenser to your evaporator to see if they might be to blame for the lack of cold air coming from your AC system. They’ll also see if these things might be so dirty that they’ve started to take a toll on your AC system’s compressor. That could present a big problem and could force you to replace your entire AC system.

Seeing if any refrigerant leaks exist

The refrigerant in your AC system is its lifeblood. It’s responsible for absorbing all of the heat that exists in your home and moving it outside so that it can’t push the temperature in your home up anymore. If this refrigerant is leaking, that’s obviously going to be a problem. An HVAC professional will need to get to the bottom of the leak so that they can fix it and put more refrigerant back into your system.

air conditioning repairs in Foster City, CA

Checking out the wiring in it

If an HVAC professional tries everything else listed here and they still can’t get your AC system to blow cold air, there is a chance that an electrical issue could be to blame for it. They’ll poke around in your AC system to see if anything seems off with the wiring in it. Fixing the wiring in your AC system could alleviate the problems that you’re having in some cases. It’s yet another area in which an HVAC professional will be able to assist you when you’re having AC troubles.

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