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Signs Your AC’s Evaporator Isn’t Working

Your home’s air conditioning system contains a variety of key parts that help it to cool off your house. From its condenser to its compressor, it’s important for all of these parts to work together at all times. The evaporator in your AC system is an especially key component. It’s responsible for using a series of coils to absorb the heat from the air that passes through it. This allows your AC system to send cool air throughout your home. You’ll need to call on an air conditioning service in Foster City, CA to repair or replace your evaporator at the first sign of trouble. Here are a few signs that will show that your AC’s evaporator isn’t working.

Your AC system is producing warm air.

Is your home’s AC system sending warm air throughout your home? This is one of the first things that you’ll notice when there seems to be something wrong with your evaporator. When your evaporator stops working in the way that it’s supposed to, it’s not going to be able to produce any cool air for your home. This will inevitably lead to it pushing warm air out which isn’t going to help bring the temperature in your home down at all.

Your AC system is starting and stopping a lot without cooling your house off.

Throughout the course of a normal day, your home’s AC system should turn on and off a number of times. It’ll turn on when it gets too warm in your house and turn off once your AC system is able to cool things off. But if your AC system is starting and stopping every few minutes and not making much of a difference in your home, it’ll often be an indication that you have something wrong with your AC system’s evaporator. You’ll need to hire a Foster City, CA AC service to come out to take a look at it.

Your AC system is leaking inside your home.

Your home’s AC system can leak on both the inside and outside of your home. If it’s leaking on the inside, it could suggest that you have a refrigerant leak caused by a bad evaporator. Refrigerant is constantly flowing through the evaporator in an AC system to remove heat from the air that passes through it. If it begins to leak, it’s going to prevent your AC system from cooling your home off and allow refrigerant to pool on the ground underneath your AC system.

Your AC system is making entirely too much noise.air conditioning service in Foster City, CA

When you turn your home’s AC system on, it might make a little bit of noise at first. But you shouldn’t hear any loud banging or hissing coming from it. If you do, this could be yet another sign that you have something wrong with your evaporator. It isn’t normal for the evaporator in an AC system to make all this noise for a prolonged period of time. Outside of the fact that this noise will drive you crazy, it’ll also show that you need to do something to fix your home’s AC system ASAP.

Do you suspect that there might be something going on with the evaporator in your home’s AC system? If so, you should touch base with one of the Foster City, CA AC services in your area to get it looked at. We can come out to your house and inspect your AC system to see what seems to be the problem. Reach out to us now to make an appointment.