Have you noticed that your home’s air conditioning system seems to be making a lot of strange sounds recently? This could provide you with all the evidence that you need to know that air conditioning repairs in Hillsborough, CA are going to be on the horizon. There are different sounds that could indicate different problems going on within your AC system. Discover what some of the sounds that you’re hearing might mean below.


Is your AC system making a banging sound?

If you’ve heard a banging sound coming from somewhere in your home’s AC system, this typically means that there is a broken part that is going to need to be fixed. You can pretty much bank on the fact that you’ll need to hire a Hillsborough, CA HVAC company to come out to your home to fix your AC system. Oftentimes, a broken part within your AC compressor is going to be the cause of banging sounds. That’s where your AC technician will probably start when they visit your home to work on your AC system.


Is it creating a clanking sound?

Much like the banging sounds that will sometimes resonate from deep in your home’s AC system, clanking sounds are also usually an indication that you have broken or loose parts in your system. In some cases, your entire compressor may have become loose and started to cause clanking sounds to occur. You should ever ignore clanking sounds, even if they don’t sound all that prominent. They tend to get worse over time and could lead to your entire AC system shutting down on you.


Is there a constant clicking coming from your AC system?

When your AC system either starts up or shuts down, it’s not uncommon to hear clicking sounds. They come from the electrical components in your AC system and aren’t anything that you’ll need to be concerned about. But if you hear your AC system clicking almost all the time, it could mean that you have a defective control or even a bad thermostat on your hands. An AC technician will need to comb through your AC system to see what’s causing the clicking so that they can get it to stop.


air conditioning repairs in Hillsborough, CA

Is your AC system buzzing?

If your AC system is producing a buzzing sound that just won’t go away, it could be a sign that you have loose parts in your system. It could also be a sign that your outdoor fan motor is on its last legs or that your condenser coil needs to be cleaned. There could also be a more serious problem at play that is going to cause your AC system to keep on buzzing. It’s better to be safe than sorry and have an HVAC system come out to inspect your AC system.


Is your AC system making sounds that it doesn’t usually make? Even if you don’t think there is anything wrong with it, you should still have it checked out. You might need to have Hillsborough, CA AC repairs made to it. Give Carol Flynn Heating & Cooling a call to have a technician diagnose the issue that’s causing your AC system to be noisier than usual.

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