When you turn your home’s air conditioning system on, you’ll do more than just cool the inside of your house off. You’ll also bring the humidity levels in your home way down, which will make it so much more comfortable inside. Humidity can make the interior of a home feel hot and muggy, which is why you want to do everything in your power to reduce it. One way to ensure your home’s humidity levels don’t ever get too high is by having air conditioning service in Foster City, CA done on a regular basis. If you don’t schedule service, you could be forced to deal with the consequences of having too much humidity in your home. Here are some of the potential dangers that could follow if you don’t decrease your humidity levels.


Poor indoor air quality

If you don’t make it a point to bring down your home’s humidity levels by doing regular Foster City, CA AC service, you’re going to find that you’ll have poor indoor air quality almost all the time. The air in your home could actually be dangerous to breathe in for some people, including those with pre-existing respiratory issues. You should try not to allow your home’s humidity levels to hit the 55 percent mark or higher. That will help you keep the air in your home clean.


Increased allergy symptoms

If you aren’t able to keep your home’s humidity levels under 55 percent, it’s not going to be long before some, if not all, of the people in your house, start to suffer from allergic reactions. High humidity levels can lead to a whole bunch of allergens floating around in the air. This can cause people to suffer from a runny nose, a cough, a sore throat, and more. You can make a lot of these allergy symptoms go away simply by servicing your home’s AC system and running it when the humidity levels spike in your house.


Mold and mildew growth

Not everyone realizes this, but there is some degree of mold and mildew in almost every home in America. But for the most part, homes don’t ever get hot and humid enough for mold and mildew to grow and spread. Bathrooms are one of the only places in a house that will routinely get hot and humid enough for mold and mildew to thrive. That is, they’re the only places if you turn your AC system on to bring the humidity levels down. If you don’t, your entire house could very well turn into a breeding ground for mold and mildew. And they’ll cause a whole host of health problems for those living in your house.

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Damage to flooring, furniture, and more

Do you have a bunch of wood floors, wood furniture, and other wooden things on the inside of your home? All of them are going to be susceptible to damage if you don’t do something about the high humidity levels in your house. Humidity can cause these things to swell and crack over time if you’re not careful. You’re going to have to replace a lot of them if you aren’t consistent when it comes to servicing your AC system and running it.


When it’s time to service your home’s AC system, you should trust the very best Foster City, CA HVAC company in the business to do it. Carol Flynn Heating & Cooling can take a trip out to your home and set you up with the services that you need to keep your AC system humming along. Give us a call today to schedule an AC service.

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