Do you have a hard time remembering to schedule air conditioning service in Hillsborough, CA each and every year? You might have every intention of doing it, but it’s not always easy to remember to have your AC serviced when you have a million and one other things going on. There are some tips that you can put to good use to ensure that you don’t forget to service your home’s AC system this year. Check them out below and make sure that you put them to good use to avoid forgetting to schedule AC service.


Begin by making it a point to service your AC at the same time every year.

Generally speaking, you should try to get into the habit of scheduling Hillsborough, CA AC service for the same time every year. Most people do it sometime in the spring right before the temperatures begin to climb. You’re going to have a better chance of remembering to schedule your AC service each year when you do it at the same time. So you should make it a point to pick a month when you’re going to have AC service done and stick with it from now on.


Create a reminder for yourself about AC service on either your physical or digital calendar.

As long as you do AC service at the same time every year, you shouldn’t have too much trouble remembering to get it done. But just to be on the safe side, you should also create a reminder for yourself at the top of each year either on your physical calendar or on your digital one. You should set this reminder for the beginning of the month when you would like to have AC service done. It’ll pretty much guarantee that you remember to call your HVAC company and make an appointment with them.


air conditioning service in Hillsborough, CA

Place a note by your thermostat about scheduling AC service.

If you find that you’re super forgetful when it comes to scheduling AC service, you may want to go as far as to stick a note on your thermostat at the top of each year about how you need to have your AC system serviced. Every time you go to turn your heating or cooling system on, you’ll see this note and be reminded of the fact that you still haven’t made an appointment with your HVAC company. The note will serve as your last line of defense against forgetting to schedule AC service.


Work with an HVAC company that won’t let you forget to maintain your AC system.

When you have a reputable HVAC company work on your AC system year in and year out, they should go above and beyond to let you know when it’s time to service your system. From putting postcards in the mail for you to emailing you, they should have all kinds of ways that they stay in touch with you. These reminders will let you know that you need to pick up the phone and schedule AC service for your home.


Did you just remember that you need to service your home’s AC service this year? Carol Flynn Heating & Cooling would love to lend a helping hand to you. We can service most AC systems. We can also provide you with Hillsborough, CA air conditioning repairs as necessary. Call us now to have an AC technician come out to your home sometime soon.

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