In order to make your home more comfortable when it’s hot outside, you’re going to have to get into the habit of turning your air conditioning system on. But you’re also going to have to do more than just that. In addition to running your AC system, there are some other things you’ll need to do in your home to ensure your system is able to cool it off and keep it comfortable. From changing your AC system’s filter early and often to scheduling air conditioning service in Foster City, CA, these simple steps will make your AC system more effective overall. Take a look at some tips you should follow below.

Replace the filter in your AC system at least once every three months.

There is a filter in your AC system that plays a very important role in its well-being. It filters out dirt, dust, allergens, and more from the air that enters your AC system. Doing so, it stops these things from getting into your AC system and wreaking havoc on it. It also stops them from working their way throughout your home. For these reasons, you should stay on top of replacing your AC system’s air filter. You’ll want to do it at least once every three months or more often than that if your home is especially dusty. This will keep your AC system humming along.

Keep your AC system’s air vents and returns clean.

Your AC system can produce all the cold air that it wants. But if your air vents and returns are dirty and/or obstructed, it’s not going to matter much. A lot of that cold air is going to go unused as it won’t be able to push its way through your ductwork. With this in mind, you should make it your mission to have your air vents and returns cleaned at least once every few years. The more time you spend cleaning these things, the more effective your AC system is going to be.

Leave the doors in your home open while your AC system is running.

Oftentimes, people will close the doors throughout their houses when their AC systems are running. They think that this is a good way to make sure that their individual rooms cool down. But this can sometimes lead to certain rooms getting significantly colder than others. You can stop this from happening by opening up all your home’s interior doors and letting the cool air from your AC system flow freely through your home. It’s going to make all your rooms cooler over time.

Arrange to have AC service done at least once each year.air conditioning service in Foster City, CA

The best way to make your home’s AC system more effective is by arranging to have Foster City, CA AC service done once each year. During AC service, an AC specialist will poke around inside your AC system and tune it up so that it runs more efficiently. They’ll also make any repairs that might need to be done so that your AC system doesn’t have trouble keeping up with cooling your house off. It’s usually best to have AC service done sometime in the spring right before you start using your AC system on a daily basis.

Do you wish that your home’s AC system was more effective than it is now? If so, Carol Flynn Heating & Cooling can help you make this a reality. From servicing your AC system to taking on Foster City, CA AC repairs for you, we can do it all. Reach out to us if you’re trying to figure out how to make your AC system work better than it currently does.

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