There are some air conditioning repairs in Hillsborough, CA that aren’t going to break the bank when you need to have them done. For instance, you can repair something like a heat exchanger or a blower motor for under a couple hundred dollars in most cases. But there are also some AC repairs that are going to put a serious strain on some people’s finances. If, for example, you need to replace the compressor in your AC system, it could cost you a couple thousand dollars, if not more, depending on what kind of AC system you have. So, what can you do if you can’t afford these kinds of essential repairs? Here are the steps you should take.


Start by shutting your AC system down for the time being.

If you know that you’re not going to be able to make important Hillsborough, CA AC repairs right away, you should turn your AC system off until you’re able to make them. You could possibly make a bad situation even worse if you continue to use an AC system with faulty parts in it. You might have to live with your home being a little warmer than you would like it to be. But it’ll be better than keeping your AC on and risking further damage being done to it.


Get a second opinion on your AC repairs.

If an HVAC company tells you there is a serious issue with your AC system, you might want to get a second opinion on it before trying to figure out how you’re going to pay to fix it. Another HVAC company might come in with a better and more affordable solution to your problem. Of course, they could also tell you that your original HVAC company was right in their assessment of your AC system. But in most cases, it doesn’t ever hurt to have another HVAC company come in to take a look at your system.


Consider financing the AC repairs that need to be made.

If you know that you’re not going to have any choice but to make repairs to your AC system and you don’t have the cash on hand to pay for them, many HVAC companies offer financing options. You should look into these options to see whether or not they would work for you. You should also consider any other financing options you might have, like putting AC repairs onto a credit card or taking out a small loan to cover them. It might be worth borrowing a little money to keep your AC turned on.


air conditioning repairs in Hillsborough, CA

Think about potentially replacing your entire AC system.

If your AC system is starting to get up there in age and you know that AC replacement is on the horizon anyway, you might want to skip making expensive repairs and finance a whole new AC system. Yes, this will likely cost a lot more than repairing your current AC system. But it could make all the sense in the world if you know that you’re going to have to replace your AC system in the not-too-distant future. You might feel better about financing a new AC system as opposed to financing repairs to your old one. It’s at least worth considering it.


Do you suspect you might have trouble paying for essential AC repairs? The Hillsborough, CA HVAC specialists from Carol Flynn Heating & Cooling can speak with you about your options when this is the case. Give us a call to hear all about how we can make AC repairs more affordable for you.

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