Does it seem like there might be something wrong with your home’s air conditioner? If so, you should try to get in touch with an air conditioning service in Foster City, CA as soon as possible so that they can come and check it out. Right before you give an AC service a call, though, there are some things that you should try to get your AC system working again. You might be able to troubleshoot an issue on your own with an AC technician’s help. Check out what to do before calling an air conditioning service below.

Reset your thermostat.

As soon as you realize that your home’s AC system isn’t cooling it off, you should reset your thermostat and see what happens. Doing something as simple as this could bring your AC system back to life without you having to rely on a Foster City, CA AC service. Resetting your thermostat isn’t always going to do the trick. But it’s a good place to start when you’re stumped as to what could be wrong with your AC system.

Replace your filter.

If you restart your thermostat and that doesn’t fix the issue with your home’s AC system, the next thing you should do is sneak a peek at the filter for your AC system. If the filter is filthy, this is another thing that could be preventing your home’s AC system from working. Your AC system isn’t going to be able to run right if your filter is all filled up with dirt, dust, and other debris. Replacing your filter might breathe some life right back into your filter.

Clear debris away from your compressor.

The compressor for your AC system is located on the exterior of your home. As a result, it’s not all that uncommon for it to get surrounded by debris. You should try to get into the habit of clearingair conditioning service in Foster City, CA this debris away from your AC system’s compressor every now and then. Otherwise, the debris might prevent your compressor from being able to get to the air that it needs. You should be removing this debris from the premises every so often anyway. But you should be especially diligent about doing it when your home’s AC system isn’t working properly.

Clean your condenser coils.

Outside of clearing debris away from your AC system’s compressor, another good thing to do is to clean your system’s condenser coils. These coils can get really clogged up with dirt over time, and this dirt can make it almost impossible for your AC system to remove heat and humidity from your home. If your home always feels hotter than it should be, you might be surprised to see what a big difference that cleaning your condenser coils can make.

Although taking these steps might help your home’s AC system to work better, you might want to consider calling on one of your local Foster City, CA air conditioning services for assistance if they don’t help. Reach out to us for all your AC maintenance and repair needs and we’ll make sure that your AC is back up and running again in no time.

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