When is the last time you had air conditioning service in Menlo Park, CA performed? If you’re having a tough time answering that question right now, it’s probably because it’s been far too long since your last AC service call. You should change that immediately by reaching out to an HVAC company in your area to set up service for your AC system. You should also get into the habit of servicing your AC system at the right time every year. Here is some information on when you should try to perform AC service.

The best time to perform air conditioning service is…

If you’re only going to perform Menlo Park, CA AC service once every year, you should have it done in the springtime. In the spring, you’re going to be getting ready to start using your AC system all the time. By servicing it, you’ll ensure that it’s ready to go once the summer starts and the temperature rises. An HVAC professional can test your AC system out, pinpoint any potential problems with it, and service it so that it doesn’t give you any problems once it gets warm outside.

But that’s not the only time you can service your AC system.

It’s best to have your AC system serviced in the spring in most cases. But there are also some people who like to service their AC system in the fall. Reason being, they like to have an HVAC professional check it out after it’s been on for almost the entire summer. They’re able to help homeowners shut their AC systems down for the winter so that they’re ready to get back to work once spring comes around again.

There are also things you can do to service your AC system yourself.

Let us be clear: You should not attempt to service your AC system like the pros do on your own if you don’t have any HVAC experience. But there are some small steps you can take to maintain your AC system. For example, you can get into the habit of changing your air filter at least once every three months. You can also keep the area around your AC unit clean and listen out for any strange sounds coming from your AC system.

Servicing your AC system regularly will prove to be very beneficial.

There are so many big benefits that you’ll get to enjoy when you service your AC system regularly. For starters, it’ll extend the lifespan of your AC system. It’ll also make your AC system more energy efficient. And it’ll provide you with peace of mind that you wouldn’t get otherwise. It’s why you should make servicing your AC system one of your top priorities every year.

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