Does your home’s air conditioner run pretty much all day long? If it does, this could present some big problems for you. First and foremost, it’s going to cause your energy bills to skyrocket each month. It’s also going to take a toll on your AC system and force you to do more repairs than you would have to do otherwise. For these reasons, you should call an air conditioning service in Hillsborough, CA ASAP to take a look at it. You should also learn about several reasons why an AC system would run all day. Find out the answers to this below.

It’s not big enough.

If you have an AC system in your home that’s on the smaller side, it might not be able to produce enough cool air for your large home. This is one of the first reasons why you might have an AC system that just runs and runs and runs. You might be able to get away with using a small AC system for a few years. But eventually, you’re going to get tired of having to rely on an AC system like this. You’re also going to notice an uptick in the number of Hillsborough, CA air conditioning repairs that you have to make. You’ll need to seriously consider investing in a bigger AC system for your home.

It has a dirty evaporator.

The evaporator in your home’s AC system is responsible for taking warm air and making it cold. This cold air can then be distributed throughout your home to cool it off. But you’re going to run into problems if your AC system’s evaporator gets too dirty. It won’t be able to make warm air cold like it normally does, and this would lead to your AC system staying on all day long to try to cool your house off. You will need to have an air conditioning service come to look at your evaporator and clean it so that it’s not slowing your AC system down anymore.

It has condenser coils that are blocked.

The condenser coils in your home’s AC system are another important aspect of it. They’re in charge of taking the heat that is removed from the air in your home and sending it outside. But unfortunately, they can also get blocked if they’re dirty just like your evaporator. And when this happens, they’ll struggle to help your AC system remove heat from your home. It might lead to your home’s temperature spiking and leave your AC system running more often than it should.

It doesn’t have enough refrigerant

The refrigerant that is located inside your home’s AC system is its lifeblood. It’s what makes it possible for your AC system to remove heat from your home and cool your home off in the end. Over time, you might find that your AC system won’t have as much refrigerant in it as usual due to a leak or the age of your system. You’ll need to arrange to have your AC system’s refrigerant supply replenished so that it can get back to work.

Are you tired of paying a small fortune to cool your home off? Our Hillsborough, CA AC service can figure out why your AC system is running all day long and get it to work more efficiently from now on. Call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our trusted AC technicians.

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