Did you just move into a new house? If so, we want to start this off by saying congratulations! Moving into a new home is so exciting. You’re going to make a million and one memories in it in the coming weeks, months, and years. We also want to advise you that it would probably be a great idea to have air conditioning service in Foster City, CA done in your home. Even if you think the previous homeowner stayed on top of the AC service that needs to be done, it would still be smart for you to do it. Check out some of the top reasons to do air conditioning service in a home that you just moved into recently.


Ensures your AC system is in good working order

You likely had a home inspection performed prior to buying a home. During it, a home inspector should have checked out your AC to see that it was working. But they more than likely didn’t inspect every square inch of your AC system. So you should take it upon yourself to do a deeper dive into the inner workings of your AC system by scheduling Foster City, CA AC service. An HVAC specialist will take a look at your AC system during a service call and make sure it’s in good shape for you.


Uncovers any AC repairs that might be on the horizon

Your AC system might be in good shape right now, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some things that you’ll want to keep an eye on as you move forward in a home. There are possibly going to be a few parts in your AC system that an HVAC specialist will tell you to monitor. You won’t get caught off-guard by AC repairs when you know that there are parts that could be on the brink of giving out on you.


Makes your AC system as energy efficient as possible

The last thing that you want to do is open up your first electric bill in your new home and be stunned by how much it is. But that’s what might happen if you have an AC system on your hands that isn’t energy efficient at all. By servicing your AC system when you move into your home, you can guarantee that it’s going to be every bit as energy efficient as it needs to be. It’ll help you avoid experiencing sticker shock when you’re staring at your initial electric bill in your home.


air conditioning service in Foster City, CA

Provides you with much-needed peace of mind

There are going to be lots of different things that you’re going to be concerned about when you move into a new home. You’re going to uncover things that you’ll want to change that you may not have anticipated. By having service done to your AC system, you’ll provide yourself with some peace of mind and know that you won’t need to do any major repairs to your AC system anytime soon. It’ll help you focus your attention on other aspects of your new home.


Do you want to have AC service or Foster City, CA air conditioning repairs done in a home that you just bought? Carol Flynn Heating & Cooling can set you up with all of the AC services that you need for your new home. Reach out to us now to schedule an appointment with an HVAC specialist. Stay on top of our latest developments, find us on the web.

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