Have you gotten into the habit of having air conditioning service in Foster City, CA done at least once every year? If so, good for you. You’re making one of the best possible moves for your home’s AC system by having it looked at by HVAC professionals on a regular basis. But you should also go above and beyond just having your AC system serviced. In addition to servicing it, you should also make it a point to keep track of your AC service calls. You should write down when you had service done, what was done during your service, and what recommendations were made to you by your HVAC professionals. Here is why doing this is so important. 


It helps you remember the last time you had your AC system serviced. 

As we mentioned a few moments ago, it’s important for you to have your home’s AC system serviced at least once each year. But there are times when homeowners don’t have service done simply because they forget the last time they did it. You won’t ever have to worry about this happening to you when you keep track of your Foster City, CA AC service calls. You’ll be able to make sure that you have your AC system serviced once every year. 


It shows you all the things you’ve done to your AC system over time. 

More often than not, your HVAC professionals are going to work through the same basic steps when servicing your AC system. But every so often, they will have to do something out of the ordinary to your AC system. You’re going to want to remember the things that they do to your AC system so that you know what has been done to your system over the years. Keeping track of your AC service calls will help you do this. You’ll be able to look back on all the work that has been done to your AC system while you’ve lived in your house. 


It makes it possible to plan for larger AC repairs. 

As long as you make every effort to maintain your home’s AC system, you shouldn’t have to worry about doing too many major AC repairs. But you will have to plan to do these repairs every now and then, and you’ll be able to plan for them by keeping tabs on your AC system. When HVAC professionals tell you that you might have to repair a part like your compressor in the near future, you can make a note of it and then start making arrangements to repair or replace your compressor at a later date. It’ll make these kinds of repairs a lot less stressful for you. 

air conditioning service in Foster City, CA

It gives you something to show people when you go to sell your home one day. 

At some point, you’re going to want to sell your home. And your home’s AC system is going to be one of the things that buyers might ask about when considering it. You’ll be able to use your records to show how hard you’ve worked to maintain your AC system. It could result in you getting much better offers for your home overall. 


Do you need to have your home’s AC system serviced right now? Carol Flynn Heating & Cooling would be happy to have a Foster City, CA HVAC professional visit your home to perform service. We would also be happy to let you know everything that we do during a service call so that you can update your records accordingly. Give us a call to schedule AC service today. 

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