Looking for a reliable company to install a new furnace in Hillsborough? It’s not something the average homeowner really thinks about on a consistent basis…..the furnace. But let it go out and you certainly know it right away. Generally speaking, getting someone out to either install a new furnace, or to repair an old one can be a daunting task, and one that could end up costing you thousands of dollars if you don’t keep a few things in mind along the way and during the process.

First, everyone should know how to find the right size unit for your home. You have to do what the pros in the biz call a ‘load calculation’. Type in ‘load calculator’ into the internet and you’ll get all sorts of free calculators that can make the job very quick and very easy. This way, when you go to the store, or you consult with someone about a new installation, they can’t con you into purchasing a unit that is too big or too small for your home.

What type of Furnace Will You Choose?

If it becomes evident that you need a new furnace, the next question is ‘what sort of furnace do you need’? This is where consulting with the experts at Carol Flynn Heating and Cooling can come into the picture. Since most furnaces are built to last decades the chances are very likely that the options that are now available were not even considered or created when your first furnace was originally installed. The technology changes that rapidly in the heating and cooling industry, though it doesn’t always get the media play like the latest video games or smartphones. Carol Flynn Heating and Cooling can assist you in navigating all of the choices out there and help you to narrow down the furnace that will be right for your budget and your home’s needs. The most common residential furnace is powered by natural gas or electric heat. However, there is a super-efficient heating cooling option called an air source heat pump that takes heat from the air or ground using refrigerant coils, then circulates the air. These work well in areas where there’s not a chance of heavy snowfall.

As the good folks at Carol Flynn Heating and Cooling will tell you, the devil is in the details. Depending on what sorts of choices you make on your basic furnace choice, your pricing could differ. Most homes can be heated using about 60,000 BTU’s so make sure that the unit you are considering can at least do that. And while most people believe that bigger is better, it isn’t really the case when it comes to furnaces. If you have a unit with a higher BTU rating it will cost you more to run, and then it will hit the ideal temperatures too quickly shutting them off, which results in comfort levels that aren’t stable. As a result they are turning off and on constantly.

At Carol Flynn Heating and Cooling, if you will bring in the square footage of your home, along with the load calculations, they can give you a very clear picture of the costs. Choose the most efficient unit that you can because in the long run that will translate into savings in the utility bills. Just a 3-4% difference in energy rating can make significant changes in the utility bills from one month to the next. There are many things for the home where ‘good enough’ might suffice. This is not one of them.

Not for the Faint of Heart in Hillsborough

While many homeowners have become quite able when it comes to fixing things themselves around the home, fixing and/or installing your own heating and cooling should be left up to Carol Flynn Heating and Cooling or others in the area. Precision and technical skill are definitely required for handling the special tools that you will need and the electrical work that is often involved. Refrigeration gauges have to be used to determine the pressure sides, copper piping is difficult to work with under the best of circumstances, and only certified HVAC contractors are allowed to handle the refrigerant. Many units require some sort of plumbing expertise, which many average homeowners do not possess. Add to the mix custom cuts, fittings, and warranties (which would be void if you didn’t use a trained installer). Worse yet, if you install some components incorrectly you could introduce deadly carbon monoxide into your home!

Carol Flynn Heating and Cooling is a diamond certified company who boasts some of the most certified and qualified NATE technicians who are able to repair and install all makes and models of HVAC equipment.

Labor Costs for Furnace Installation and Repair in Hillsborough

Technical expertise does come at a cost, and for good reason. There are more than 40,000 heating and cooling products in the marketplace, and Carol Flynn Heating and Cooling have repaired, installed, and maintained many of them. While the price of labor isn’t fixed and one should call ahead, or when getting an estimate make certain that cost of labor is included, a typical charge is anywhere from 75$ an hour, and 50$ for an assistant. Typically, if the installation is completely intensive or requires extensive duct work repair or modifications, then the costs could be higher.

The good thing about using a certified technician to install the furnace in Hillsborough, someone like Carol Flynn Heating and Cooling, is that the warranties will be in full force. There are two types of warranties when it comes to a furnace. The manufacturer’s warranty covers the product itself, against any flaws in the furnace (like fans that don’t work or pilot lights that won’t stay lit). Then there’s the contractor’s warranty that covers the labor involved to make repairs if the furnace doesn’t work right for a set amount of time.

Time is money, as they say, so if you know that you are going to be short of time, or your furnace has died leaving you and your family stranded, save yourself a lot of grief by calling Carol Flynn Heating and Cooling today and have them come out and lend their expertise to your project.

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Can I Upgrade My Furnace to a More Energy-Efficient Model Without Replacing the Entire System in Hillsborough, CA?

Often, you may increase your furnace’s energy efficiency by replacing certain parts or features. Speak with an expert in HVAC to learn about ways to improve air quality short of replacing the entire system.

How Can I Make Sure My Hillsborough, California Furnace Runs Safely?

The secret to guaranteeing safe furnace running is routine professional maintenance. For extra safety, install carbon monoxide detectors, make sure the furnace has enough air, and keep flammable things away from it.

How Does Hillsborough, California Insulation Affect My Furnace’s Efficiency?

Maintaining energy efficiency requires proper insulation. Homes with adequate insulation hold heat longer, which eases the strain on your furnace and lowers energy costs overall.

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