Those homeowners who use their air conditioning systems on a regular basis usually know that they need to have them serviced at least once every year. But those who don’t turn their AC systems on all that much are sometimes under the impression that they don’t have to worry about performing air conditioning service in Foster City, CA. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Even though you might not be in the habit of turning your home’s AC system on all the time, you should make sure that you have it serviced as often as everyone else. Here’s why it’s so important for you to do it.


Shines a light on any potential problems within your AC system

Just because you don’t use your home’s AC system as often as some other homeowners do doesn’t mean it’s not still going to be subjected to the same kinds of problems that they face. And since you aren’t running your AC system all that often, you might miss these problems even when they’re staring you right in the face. By scheduling regular Foster City, CA AC service, you can pinpoint problems with your AC system and take care of them sooner rather than later.


Keeps all the moving parts within your AC system lubricated

There are a series of moving parts within your AC system that needs to stay lubricated in order for your system to work properly. They could potentially dry out on you if you’re not using your AC system much and if you’re not having your AC system serviced every year. An AC technician will be able to make sure that these parts are provided with the proper lubrication. They’ll also let you know if you might want to consider replacing any of these parts over the years.


Ensures your AC system is ready to go on the days that you do use it

You might not use your AC system much throughout the course of the year. But on the days when you do decide to use it, you’re going to want it to spring into action and cool your home off in no time at all. What you don’t want is to finally turn it on only to discover that it’s not working in the way that it’s supposed to. You can prevent this from happening by servicing your AC system each year. It’ll make sure that your AC system turns right on and works like a charm when you need it to.


air conditioning service in Foster City, CA

Allows your AC system to last for as long as it possibly can

Even though you might not use your AC system all the time, it’s still not going to last you for a long time if you don’t service it. You might find yourself having to replace it sooner than someone else who uses their AC system way more than you do. By servicing your AC system, you’ll extend its life and steer clear of having to replace it ahead of schedule. It makes AC service well worth the investment.


When you make it a point to do regular AC service, you won’t have to worry about making as many Foster City, CA AC repairs as you might have to otherwise. Carol Flynn Heating & Cooling can service your AC system for you whenever you want and make sure it’s in tip-top condition. Give us a call today to schedule AC service.

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